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A Brief Description of Medicare for Caregivers

Being a caregiver is challenging enough. But when the person you’re caring for is reaching the enrollment age for Medicare – or is past that age but needs to be enrolled anyway – the prospect of engaging in what may seem like a bureaucratic battle may seem overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be, though. Before you start reading up on what you have to do, take a deep breath. All the information you need is easily available. Here are some facts to get you started:

1.  Initial Enrollment in Medicare- What’s called the Initial Enrollment Period starts three months before a person’s 65th birthday and continues for seven months after the birthday. An important thing to remember is that there is no penalty for enrolling late in Medicare Part A, but in Medicare Part B, there will be a 10 percent cost increase for every year a person is not enrolled in Part B.

2.  General Enrollment Period- The Initial Enrollment Period is not permanent. Once the first enrollment is done, the enrollment has to be renewed every year between Jan. 1 and March 31 of every year. After enrollment, the Part B coverage doesn’t begin until July 1.

3.  Medicare Part A- Part A is hospital insurance that will help cover inpatient care. It includes general nursing, a semiprivate room and essential hospital services like meals and supplies. It doesn’t cover private nursing, a private room (unless that’s required because of a medical condition) and non-essential services like television or a telephone. Most people don’t need to pay for Part A.

4.  Medicare Part B- This part of the plan covers doctors’ services that are medically necessary, outpatient care, home nursing service and some preventive services such as screenings for diabetes, breast cancer and colon cancer. There is a monthly payment for Part B.

5.  Medicare Part C- This is an alternative to Part A. The copayments for this plan are lower, although like an HMO, the patient can go only to certain doctors or hospitals. The doctors and hospital must also be in the geographical area where the person lives. This plan may offer additional benefits not found in Part A, including vision and hearing coverage and some wellness programs. A person can switch to Part A if that turns out to be a better plan for him or her. That change can be made between Jan. 1 and Feb. 14.

6.  Medicare Part D- Unlike the other Medicare components, which are run by the government, Part D is run by insurance companies approved by Medicare. If a person signs up for Part A, he or she must sign up for a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, or PDP. Someone enrolled in Part C will automatically receive prescription drug coverage through that plan, if the plan offers it, for an extra cost.

For additional information on Medicare, visit the federal website


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