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 Why Seniors Need Medical Alert Systems

Contrary to what one may think, seniors falling at home are not an isolated issue. If you go by the stats provided by “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” more than one-third of adults age 65 or older fall each year in theUnited States. Add to this burglaries, heart attacks, accidents, and the list is endless. Home sounds like a scary battle ground, doesn’t it?

Why a medical alert system? First, a medical alert system is essential in situations that require an immediate response. This happens in the case of a fall, a heart attack, a burglary, or a fire. Some people have medical needs which require monitoring.  Second, the person using the system is given peace of mind and feels safe and reassured that help is available at a moment’s notice. Investing in a personal medical alarm can actually bring you the good night sleep you have been lacking over the past few weeks.

Now that we know why a medical alert system is a good idea, let’s look at what such a system is and whether you should invest in one.  Medical alert systems are either passive or active systems.  In the passive system, the user is expected to click a button on the unit every so many hours. This gives the monitoring company an indication that the person is active. In the active systems, the user wears an emergency bracelet or necklace.  The bracelet or necklace has a button which, when clicked, sends a signal to the base unit; the base unit then sends a signal to the company from which the unit has been purchased.  The company then may call the individual or send emergency personnel over.  Finally, there are also systems that are set up with 2-way communication between the alarm company and the individual.  When an emergency button is pressed, the alarm company speaks directly to the patient instantly.  While the patient’s fears are being allayed, his records are pulled up immediately to check for any known medical issues and the numbers mentioned in the records are called for updates.

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