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Fall Prevention Ideas For Seniors

According to the National Center for Accident Prevention and Control, the number one cause of death in people over the age of 65 is falling. More than one third of adults of the age of 65 have a falling accident.

Many falls at home are often caused by hazards that are overlooked but easy to remedy. By creating a simple checklist, you can easily renovate any home for preventing elderly falling accidents.


Ask yourself a few simple questions as you enter each room in the house. First, observe the floors’ main traffic areas. Are there any obstructions like rugs, carpets or furniture that may hinder mobility? Are there any loose cords or dangling wires that can entangle ones foot? Are there any stairs, steps, rises, falls, dips or dents that may cause a person to trip and fall? Anything on the floor that should be picked up and removed?

Now the flooring will come into question. Is the carpet too thick? Are there any loose rugs on the vinyl or linoleum? Are any of the floors damaged with missing tiles or cracked concrete? Can any steps be eliminated and replaced with a handicap ramp?

Flooring solutions to these questions can be best repaired, resolved, renovated or remodeled by a professional contractor. Ensuring that your contractor has the proper experience, license and knowledge is critical to getting the job done correctly, quickly and cheaply. Always check credentials and past homeowner’s references before hiring a contractor.

In The Kitchen

The kitchen is an often overlooked area when concerning senior safety. After resolving any flooring issues, the next issue is reach. Many seniors have issues when accessing equipment, food and supplies from hard to reach overhead and deep cabinets.

Moving cooking equipment within reach by placing outlets into an oversized drawer can significantly reduce the risk of falls by eliminating the need to reach or use a stepping stool for hard to reach equipment and appliances.

Move all the hard to reach but commonly used items to a lower shelf or cabinet. Glasses, dishes, bowls, utensils, pots and pans should be placed into easy to reach lower cabinets with slide out shelves. These shelves give easy access too hard to reach items so that bending over and reaching into the back of cabinets is an obsolete task.

In The Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most common places for falls due to the water underfoot. Installing easy to grip traction stickers on the floor of the tub will help to reduce sliding feet. Another simple device is to add a shower seat or bench. These small seats allow the user to have a steady seat in the shower or bath while cleaning.

Installing a few grab bars around the shower, bath and toilet can ease users in and out of the shower. Place one near the toilet to help users up and down from the seat. These cheap and easy to install stainless steel bars give the perfect grip and can greatly reduce the risk of falls.

By asking oneself what dangers and hazards may lay around the home, one can help prevent elderly falling accidents from occurring.

Source:  http://www.myseniorcare.com

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