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Foot Pain Information

Foot Pain Diagnosis

A personal and family medical history, physical examination, and diagnostic tests (e.g., imaging tests, blood tests) may be used to help diagnose foot pain. A family history includes information about structural foot problems and other medical conditions, such as diabetes, gout, and arthritis in the patient’s family.

medical history includes information about the following:

  • Additional symptoms (e.g., swelling, redness, numbness, warmth)
  • Circumstances surrounding the pain’s onset (e.g., sudden or gradual, whether an injury occurred)
  • Exact location of the pain
  • Severity of the pain
  • Whether pain worsens or improves with rest or with activity

During a physical examination, the physician assesses the feet, legs and back. The position of the body as a whole (posture), the position of the body while standing (stance), and the manner of walking (gait) are also evaluated.

X-rays can be used to rule out fractures and other conditions (e.g., arthritis) and to determine bone density.Blood tests may be performed to detect conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis).

Source: healthcommunities.com

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