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Stress that causes sleep loss may increase death risk

Stress led to significantly larger increases of inflammation marker associated with poor health and death

Older adults who sleep poorly have an altered immune system response to stress that may increase risk for mental and physical health problems, according to a study led by a University of Rochester Medical Center researcher.  In the study, stress led to significantly larger increases in a marker of inflammation in poor sleepers compared to good sleepers – a marker associated with poor health outcomes and death.

This study offers more evidence that better sleep not only can improve overall well-being but also may help prevent poor physiological and psychological outcomes associated with inflammation.

Study participants were evaluated for cognitive status using a standard assessment. Each participant completed a self-report of sleep quality, perceived stress, loneliness and medication use. The participants had to be in good physical health to be in the study, but even so, about 27 percent of the participants were categorized as poor sleepers.

On the day of the study, the participants were given a series of tests of verbal and working memory, a battery of questions that served as the stressor.  Poor sleepers reported more depressive symptoms, more loneliness and more global perceived stress relative to good sleepers.

As people age, a gradual decline in the immune system occurs along with an increase in inflammation. Heightened inflammation increases the risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other illnesses, as well as psychiatric problems.

There are a lot of sleep problems among older adults.  Helping an elderly person become a better sleeper may reduce the risk of poor outcomes associated with inflammation.

Source:  www.seniorjournal.com

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