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Veteran Helped by Hardworking Hardware Employees, and Other News to Know

VA’s inaction inspires hardware store employees to help aging vet

When a 62-year-old veteran has to wait two years for a new wheelchair from the Department of Veterans Affairs, it may seem like national pride and patriotism has hit an all-time low. But sometimes one group’s inaction can inspire others to rise to the occasion. That’s exactly what happened when Vietnam veteran and double amputee, Michael Sulsona, was visiting his local Lowe’s home improvement store. While wheeling down one of the massive aisles, a bolt on Sulsona’s chair finally gave out—more than two years after he had put in an application to the VA for a new one, the AP reports. Upon seeing Sulsona’s predicament, several Lowe’s employees sprung in to action, staying beyond the 10 p.m. store closing time to fix the ex-Marine’s wheelchair. The older man was so touched by the gesture that he contacted the local newspaper to praise the employees, saying that they proved “there are some who still believe in stepping up to the plate.” The VA got wind of the incident and promptly sent Sulsona a new wheelchair. Discover highlights from the recent VA scandal.

Caregivers’ physical aches and pains, quantified

A whopping 94 percent of caregivers who look after a loved one for 21 hours a week or more experience some kind of musculoskeletal pain, according to a recent surveyconducted by Ohio State University researchers. The lower back, knees, shoulders and wrists are the areas hardest hit by caregiving activities, and the pain has a significant impact on both the caregiver’s quality of life and their ability to look after their loved one. “Informal caregivers may not receive training on how to handle patients without injuring themselves or their loved ones,” says Amy Darragh, Ph.D., an occupational therapist at the Ohio State School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. For more help, see these strategies for How to Safely Pick a Loved One (or Yourself) Up After a Fall.

Study reveals non-dementia-related ways that aging affects our thinking

Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are often vilified as the primary culprits of cognitive functioning issues in older adults. But there are a number of non-medical reasons that our memories become muddled as we age. A new Rice University study comparing the mental quickness of aging adults against those of their younger counterparts found that the older individuals were more apt to become distracted by irrelevant memories or extraneous conversations. While trying to perform a memory task, the adult participants in their 60s, 70s and 80s were twice as likely to have recollections of unrelated events interrupt their thought process. These individuals also encountered two times the amount of mental slowdown when exposed to so-called “environmental distractions” (in the form of irrelevant written or spoken words) during their cognitive tasks. Study co-author, Randi Martin, professor of psychology at Rice points out that past research has shown that performance on memory tests tends to decline after age 25. But she says her team’s study is the first to highlight the enhanced impact of distracting environmental stimuli on older brains, which could lead to better forms of treatment for individuals with neurological disorders, or those who’ve had a stroke.

85-year-old John Schappi synthesizes humor and science to address the issue of age-related cognitive decline in his blog: “I’m Not Slow or Forgetful, I Just Know Too Much.”

Daughter sings heartwarming duet with dying mother

“What would be a good day for you?” That’s the question Dr. Lachlan Forrow of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center asked one of his terminally-ill patients, 92-year-old Dolly Baker.

Baker, who had been an icon in the Harlem jazz community in her younger days, hadn’t sung in years. Still, she told Farrow that her ideal day would involve song—specifically, having the chance to perform “What a Wonderful World” in a duet with her adult daughter. The two hadn’t had much contact in recent years, but the chance to sing together helped rekindle their relationship.


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