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Celebrating Mother’s Day When Mom is in a Nursing Home

Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday, May 8th. For many people, this will mean trying to plan a celebration for an elderly mother living in a nursing home– If your mother lives in a nursing home you will likely be confronted by one of two scenes: either she is able to leave the facility for an outing, or she has physical or mental limitations prevent her from leaving. No matter which situation your mother is in, there are a myriad of special activities you can share with her.

Going Out

For the mother who is both mobile and lucid enough to leave the nursing home there are countless options available for a fun outing. These trips can run the gamut from visiting a zoo or an art museum to brunch or dinner at your mother’s favorite restaurant. Some tips for going out:

  • Keep her interests in mind. Some mothers would cherish a stroll in the park and a nice picnic and others would enjoy having a day to get out and experience the wider world that they are cut off from.
  • Don’t over-plan. No matter what great shape they are in, most seniors tire easily. Trying to pack in too many activities in a day – a shopping excursion, followed by lunch and then a movie might be more than mom’s energy limit can handle. Keep it simple.
  • Go where her heart is. For mothers who live in a nursing home, the place she might want to go most is the familiar setting of family member’s home. Having dinner at a family member’s house might be the best present she could ask for.

Staying In

There are also a variety of ways to make Mother’s Day special for a mother who must remain in the nursing home. The purpose of Mother’s Day is to spend time with your mother and celebrate her motherhood.

  • Spending time with family is a gift. Something as simple as sitting down with your mother and talking or reminiscing can mean the world to her. The best part is that this is an activity that you can do anywhere, even a room in a nursing home.
  • Change the scenery. If your mother is capable of leaving her room you may want to visit with her in the gardens, or over a meal in the nursing home dining room.
  • Leave her with a lasting momento. A framed photo of family, a video-tape of the grandkids saying hello, or a calendar of family photos will help her feel connected to the family all year long.

No matter what you decide to do for your mother this Mother’s Day, be sure to include as many family members in the festivities as possible. The greatest gift a mother can give is her love, and it’s only fitting that her friends and family return the favor by gathering as many loving hearts together as they can to celebrate her life and her contribution to their lives.

Source: agingcare.com

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