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Royal Wedding: Can It Help People with Alzheimer’s Remember the Past?

Arguably the most devastatingly crippling aspect of Alzheimer’s is its ability to disrupt the connection between an individual and their sense of self. As the disease progresses, it often becomes more and more difficult for a person to remember and relate to their former lives.

However, research has shown that, one way of facilitating the temporary reconnection of the bond between an individual with Alzheimer’s and their memories is to have them listen to certain types of music or view pictures and videos of important life events.

The pivotal nature of weddings in the lives of most people makes them ideal candidates for facilitating memory recall in people suffering from Alzheimer’s. Viewing a recording or looking at pictures has been shown to spark both memory recovery and conversation in these individuals.

With all of the pomp and pageantry surrounding the upcoming royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William of England, this could make for an ideal opportunity to help individuals with Alzheimer’s reconnect with their own wedding memories. Sitting down and watching the wedding with an elder could be a way to ignite a dialogue about the important weddings in their lives. They may remember their own wedding, or the ceremonies of close friends and family. Either way, it would be a wonderful opportunity to spend some quality time with the elder you care for.

So, be sure to set your alarm early on Friday, April 29,2001, as the first guests will begin to arrive at Westminster Abbey around 3:15 AM Eastern Time. If you don’t want to get up quite so early, don’t worry, the official ceremony doesn’t begin until 6:00 AM Eastern Time.



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