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 Staggering Percentage of Caregivers Unprepared for Elder Health Emergency

Be prepared!

It’s a motto hyped by Girl and Boy Scouts across the country yet, according to a recent study, it is a piece of advice that prospective caregivers often fail to heed.

The results of a recent survey, conducted by The Boomer Project, indicate that many people who expect to become caregivers for their parents at some point in the future don’t have the information necessary to properly perform common caregiving duties.

Here’s a breakdown of the stats:

Only, 47% feel that they know enough about their parent’s medical background to be helpful in the event of an emergency.

Health Information Checklist to Keep Caregivers Organized

49% can’t recall their parents’ daily medications, and 31% aren’t aware of the number of medications taken by their parents.

Guide to Managing Medications and Prescriptions

36% don’t have any idea where to go to find their parents’ financial information.

10 things every caregiver should know about their parent’s finances

What this means for caregivers:

As a caregiver, it is vitally important to do your homework.

Emergency situations become infinitely easier to respond to if you have all of the necessary information on the elder you care for, in a readily accessible place.

Educate yourself on the medical conditions and the history of your elder. Know where important information regarding their finances, etc. is located.

Taking these few simple steps will ensure that you can respond quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency.

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