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Thin People Can Harbor Dangerous “Invisible Fat”

Scientists have long assumed that skinny people are less likely than those with some jiggle to develop heart disease, diabetes or cancer.

But according to a genetic analysis of 75,000 people done by the Medical Research Council in the United Kingdom, it’s not that simple.

Rather, certain people are naturally thin, in part, because they have a genetic abnormality that doesn’t allow them to stockpile fat underneath their skin very easily, according to

Instead, these people deposit fat in and around their muscles and internal organs, disrupting their functioning. They also have high cholesterol levels and show some resistance to processing insulin, which is one of the first signs of diabetes.

The takeaway: Thin people shouldn’t assume that they are healthy and immune from diseases normally associated with being overweight, like Type 2 diabetes, particularly as they get older. Indeed, on its website, the National Institutes of Health encourages those over 45 to get screened for diabetes at least once every three years, regardless of weight.


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