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Medicare Part D: Studies Show Benefits

In the midst of the national debt crisis and proposals to cut Medicare spending, two new studies have surfaced focusing on Medicare’s Part D program, which covers prescription drug costs.

In one study, Harvard University researchers analyzed data from 6,000 seniors on Part D. They found that those who had previously had limited drug coverage before the program was implemented in 2006 saved about $1,200 a year in non-drug-related costs, according to HealthDay News.

They also noted that seniors who have Part D are less likely to skip doses or neglect getting prescriptions filled because they can’t afford them. Consequently, they can manage their illnesses without making unnecessary hospital visits or having to go to short-term care facilities.

The researchers concluded that Part D is recouping some of its costs by cutting down on the number of government pay-outs for hospitalization and short-term care.

The second study of 354 seniors, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of two senior advocacy organizations, RetireSafe and the National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services Programs, found that many are worried about what deficit-spurred Medicare cuts might do to their access to prescription medication and their overall health.

The survey showed that 81% of Medicare recipients felt that cuts would force them to sacrifice with regards to their health care. Thirty-seven percent said they would respond to cuts by restricting their medications while 20% said they would have to stop getting their prescriptions filled.

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