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Room For Improvement In Elderly Long-Term Services and Support Programs

Though some states have better policies in place for supporting and providing care for the elderly and the disabled, a recently published AARP report indicates that even the highest-performing states are far from perfect when it comes to long-term service and support.

Raising Expectations: A State Scorecard on Long-Term Services and Supports for Older Adults, People With Physical Disabilities and Family Caregivers, is the name of the report that ranked states based on their performance across four fundamental features broken up into 25 essential measurements.

The fundamental features of long-term services and support that the study evaluated included; affordability and access, choice of setting and provider, quality of life and quality of life and quality of care and support for family caregivers.

Minnesota topped the list as the state with the best overall long-term services and support programs while Mississippi was ranked last. Maryland and North Carolina comprised the middle of the pack with a tie for 24th place.

The study authors chalk the state-to-state variation up to “the fact that the United States does not have a unified approach to the provision of LTSS (long-term services and supports).” They hope that highlighting and examining the discrepancies in state policy will lead to a side-by-side comparison helping low-performing states to improve their long-term services and support programs.

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