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Heart Attack Patients Receive Life-saving Angioplasty Quicker

People suffering from a heart attack are now more likely to get a life-saving angioplasty sooner than they were just five years ago, USA Today reports. Heart attack patients were treated in an average of 64 minutes last year, down from the median time of 96 minutes in 2005, researchers found.

During an angioplasty, doctors insert a catheter with a balloon attached to it, into an artery in the leg or arm. When inflated, the catheter clears the blocked artery.

According to the National Institutes of Health, over one million people receive an angioplasty (both emergency and scheduled) in the U.S every year. The universal agreement among doctors is that a person has a 90-minute window from the time they enter the hospital to the time the angioplasty is performed. Beyond this 90-minute window, a person’s chance of heart damage increases significantly and their chance for surviving the heart attack decreases significantly.

Researchers from Yale University led a five-year study of over 300,000 people who received an emergency angioplasty at a Medicare-compensated hospital. Their conclusions were published in the journal, Circulation.

The study shows a marked improvement in the percentage of people who were able to get an angioplasty within the suggested window of 90 minutes. In 2010, 91% of people who had to get an emergency angioplasty received treatment in less than 90 minutes. In 2005 this number was only 44%.

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