Link Between Hearing Loss and Brain Loss

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Hearing loss (which the National Institutes of Health estimates affects 36 million Americans) may lead to brain tissue loss in aging adults, according to a new study. Auditory issues can cause an otherwise healthy senior’s brain to shrink one cubic centimeter faster each year, says a group of Johns Hopkins University researchers who compared MRI brain scans of older adults who were hard of hearing to those with normal hearing. Study authors attribute the more rapid shrinkage of brain mass to the fact that those with hearing troubles often speak less and do not use the parts of the brain associated with listening and verbal communication as much. This under use can cause these and other areas of the brain to atrophy, even sections associated with memory formation. “Our results suggest that hearing loss could be another ‘hit’ on the brain in many ways,” says study author, Frank Lin, M.D., Ph.D. Thankfully there are a variety ofhearing loss products available to help seniors who are struggling with auditory issues.


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