Caregiving May Not Cause Caregiver Stress, and Other News to Know

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Does caregiving really cause psychological stress? 

A study conducted by the University of Washington (UW) showed that the association between caregiving and conditions such as anxiety, depression and perceived stress depend more on a person’s genes and upbringing, and less on the difficulty of caring for their loved one. Perceived stress in particular is almost always related to the kind of environment a person was raised in, not genetics or caregiver status, according to Peter Vitaliano, a professor of psychiatry and psychology at UW. Another interesting finding: people who had never suffered from depression in the past were no more likely to develop the condition after becoming a caregiver then they would have been if they weren’t taking care of an elderly loved one. There’s no denying that being a caregiver can produce some level of angst, so it’s important to remain on the lookout for these 10 signs of caregiver stress.

Two new scams target seniors 

Social Security Administration (SSA) is warning the public to be aware of criminals using phone calls and emails to obtain personal information, enabling them to commit identity theft. The thieves use the personal information of Social Security beneficiaries, to open a ‘My Social Security’ account on the SSA website. Scammers then use the new account to reroute a senior’s direct deposits into a different bank account. The Inspector General cautions seniors to never provide personal information when receiving unsolicited calls or contacts, and to always alert their local SSA office if they receive a call from a person claiming to be from the government agency.
Another recently reported scam preys on elderly drivers. A California man was recently arrested for waving down older adults and accusing them of hitting his car. Though there was no visible evidence of damage from the crash, the man was able to convince several seniors that he wouldn’t report the crash to the DMV, so long as they paid for the repairs to his car. The man would pretend to call a mechanic for a quote, then follow the elder to their bank or home to collect the funds.
Scams can be tricky to spot, but here are a few ways to prevent an elderly loved one from becoming a scam victim.

Faster way to identify staph infections in elders

Until recently, patients had to wait days to know if they had a staph infection, possibly putting off important treatment. Now, researchers at the University of Iowa have created a probe that can detect staph in the body in less than an hour.The US patent has been filed for the procedure, which uses light to identify the bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus. With the rise of antibiotic-resistant staph infections (also known as MRSA) in  nursing homes, it’s important to make sure your loved one is living in a safe place by knowing the factors to help compare nursing home care.


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