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Don’t Let Psoriatic Arthritis Symptoms Go Undiagnosed and Untreated

For some psoriasis patients, a potentially joint-destroying condition quietly lies in wait. One study reveals just how unassuming this complication, psoriatic arthritis, can be. Lifescript’s Medical Detective unveils who’s at risk, what the psoriatic arthritis symptoms are and why women should be aware of this inflammatory disease…

Your fingers look like they belong in a hot dog bun. Pain shoots through the back of your feet. Your lower back burns.

If you have psoriasis or a family history of the condition, the onslaught of swollen, aching joints isn’t just a coincidence.

It could mean you have psoriatic arthritis, a chronic disease that sometimes appears 10 years after the onset of psoriasis, according to the Arthritis Foundation.

“Psoriatic arthritis usually is an insidious, slow-growing disease,” says Elaine Husni, M.D., director of Cleveland Clinic’s Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Center and assistant professor of medicine at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University.

“Patients don’t always know they have it. They can suffer irreversible damage if it goes untreated.”

A 2011 National Psoriasis Foundation study set off alarms. The research revealed that 1 in 4 people with psoriasis may have undiagnosed psoriatic arthritis, an inflammatory arthritis that affects joints and tendons.

The study also found that 44% of the study participants with psoriatic arthritis suffered symptoms for a year or more before being diagnosed. About 30% of patients waited two years before going in for a diagnosis.

Source: lifescript.com

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