Tips on Caring for Someone With a Chronic Illness

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1.  Establish good communications with care providers.

Be sure you and the person you care for understand their medical condition and its implications to the fullest extent possible. With the patient’s permission, health professionals can have frank conversations with caregivers about treatment, including prescription drugs. Do not be afraid to seek a second opinion, if desired.

2.  Know your options.

Some conditions can be effectively managed and monitored at home, while some require lengthy stays in a hospital or managed care facility. To the fullest extent possible, the person you help should make their own decisions about treatment options, where they live, and which Medicare coverage options they choose. If you are authorized to make decisions on their behalf, you have a special responsibility to ask questions about what outcomes can be expected, and the type and amount of help that will be needed for any treatment options.

3.  Take advantage of available counseling and support offered to caregivers.

Many caregivers may feel frustrated and depressed. Support groups and one-on-one counseling can help you deal with your feelings. Many hospitals and treatment facilities offer in-house counseling, and the Administration on Aging’s Elder Care Locator Web site at may provide links to local support groups. In addition, many national organizations offer support services for caregivers and their families.

4.  Consider respite care.

Getting some relief from day-to-day responsibilities and pressures is critical to maintain your own health and productivity. Respite care services may include help with a specific task or having someone provide care while you take time off.


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