How Can I Help My Aging Parent Live Independently?

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There are numerous services available to help older persons and their families manage their care. This article describes many of these services and offers the guidance of a geriatric care manager to decide which may be most appropriate for your family situation.

  • Home Care or Home Health Services:
    This service offers skilled nursing, occupational and physical therapy, speech therapy, social services, and home health aides. These services may be covered under Medicare provided specific requirements are met. Depending on the need and income level, they could qualify for these services under the county Area on Aging programs.
  • Homemaker or Caretaker Services:
    Homemaker services help with the daily activities of living such as bathing, cooking, cleaning, and other household activities. There are numerous government-funded agencies that provide these services at little or no cost to older persons who meet eligibility requirements. Private companies also supply these services to customers who are able to pay.
  • Emergency Response Systems:
    These systems allow an elder person to call for assistance in the event of an emergency or fall when they can’t get to the phone. The older person usually wears a radio-transmitting device around their neck or on their wrist.
  • Transportation Services:
    The local counties surrounding the Pittsburgh area offer discounted transportation services to bring older people to doctor appointments, social events and sometimes to shopping areas. There are also escort services to accompany older disabled people to doctor’s offices.
  • Home Delivered Meals:
    This service delivers two meals once a day to older people who cannot prepare their own food. Not only do these programs assure that your relative is getting nutritional food, but offer a daily check to see that your relative is able to get to the door for delivery.
  • Financial Assistance:
    There are numerous entitlement programs available to seniors such as: Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract for the Elderly, Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Property tax assistance programs, Rental Rebate, property tax deferral loans, home maintenance and repair programs, fuel assistance programs and home equity conversion plans.
  • Veterans Benefits:
    A supplemental pension benefit program titled “Aid and Assistance program” is available to aging veterans or their widowed spouse to cover out of pocket expenses for personal care.


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