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Every day, families across the country realize that they need a little extra assistance at home to maintain safe, independent lifestyles for themselves or their loved ones. Whether it’s an elderly parent who may need some help a few hours a day, or new parents who may be overwhelmed with a baby, cooking, and housekeeping duties, a solution may be companion care. 

But what kinds of services can be provided? Why might someone need this type of care? And how does this additional service help attend to someone’s needs?

Some of the services you should look for in an in-home companion care provider may include:

• Offering a continuum of care to someone with a physically limiting injury such as a broken bone, someone recovering from a stroke or heart attack, an aging parent, a new parent with an infant, someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia, or anyone transitioning from a hospital or medical facility to their home.

• Assisting around the house by preparing meals and cleaning up, feeding loved ones, performing light housekeeping, entertaining loved ones by playing games, feeding and caring for pets, sorting through mail, etc.

• Providing reminder services for things like medications, doctor appointments, important dates, and daily therapy routines.

When is Companion Care Needed?

A few situations where companion care could be of assistance to you or a loved one include:

• Wanting someone to help so a primary caregiver can get out of the house for an hour or two to shop for groceries, pick up prescriptions, or just to get a break from his or her daily caregiving routine.

• Helping people start or end the day by assisting with daily activities such as dressing them or helping get in or out of bed when they can’t physically do it anymore.

• Changing linens and making beds can be strenuous. There may be a need for help with this or other household chores.

• Having someone help when a primary caregiver is sick or doesn’t have the stamina to be a caregiver while also taking care of him or herself.

• Helping alleviate “caregiver burnout” if the primary caregiver is experiencing fatigue, stress, anxiety, or depression about trying to do too much to help around the house.

In addition to all of the services mentioned above, companions can provide something else that’s priceless: peace-of-mind for you and your family members.




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