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How to communicate with your loved one’s caregiver

Working with a professional caregiver to help care for a family member can sometimes seem more problematic than helpful; but with good communication you can ensure your loved one will receive the best possible care.  Whether you have hired a full-time or live-in caregiver to help you handle the responsibilities of caring for your loved one, or use a caregiver on an hourly or part-time basis, being prepared to leave your loved one in someone else’s care can become very stressful.  When you are responsible for the care and well-being of your loved one you should find strength and comfort in the help of others.  Here are a few tips for communicating effectively with your loved ones’ caregiver.

Be Organized. To ensure your caregiver provides the best possible care for your loved one you want to make sure everything they need is well organized and easily accessible.  Write down emergency contact information for all Physicians who interact with your loved one as well as family members and friends.  Keep multiple copies of all important forms and papers.  Share a copy of your loved one’s care plan, medication regime, and daily schedule with your caregiver.  Do a walk though of the house to point out where all medications, meals, and other daily necessities are kept.  Organization allows your caregiver to focus on your loved one’s comfort and happiness.

Be Respectful. Your caregiver is there to help you and your loved one, but you must also remember that he or she has a life and families of their own.  When you have special requests or specific questions, make sure you ask in a timely fashion. When you request help or ask a question, show respect for your caregiver by asking for a moment of his/her time and attention to consider your request. This lets your caregiver know you understand that his/her time is valuable, and that you and your loved one appreciate him/her and the care that is provided. Being respectful of your caregiver establishes a connection, ensuring your requests are more likely to be positively received and fulfilled.

Don’t Wait.  Even though you want to be respectful of your caregiver’s time, never wait to inform he/she that you don’t understand something or you are uncomfortable with new procedures or care plans.  It is very important to be upfront and honest about all of your feelings pertaining to your loved one’s safety and comfort.  Similarly, if you notice any change in your loved one’s behavior, either positive, negative, or both, do not wait to discuss these changes with your caregiver.  Your caregiver needs to be aware of and understand everything about your loved one’s condition so that he/she may remain effective in his/her care.

A professional caregiver is meant to help you provide the best possible care for your loved one without creating more stress for you.



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