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Very few seniors want to live anywhere other than the home they have known for years. In-home senior care is an alternative to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other types of senior residential housing options. Forcing seniors to leave their home and reside in an unwanted location often causes them to give up on life, both mentally and physically.

Safety should always be the primary concern, but given a choice, every senior will choose to stay home. Services that in-home care agencies provide vary from state to state. Some in-home care programs provide medical oversight such as nursing and some of them do not. Medicare and Medicaid usually provide medical services. There are many reasons for choosing in-home care, but consider the top reasons to discover if in-home care is the answer for you and your loved one.

1.Safety: Safety is the number one reason for in-home care. Safety equipment installed in the home makes it safer for seniors to remain there. Grab bars, walkers, wheel chairs, non-slip carpets, and other safety devices help keep your loved one safe. Individuals who assist with housekeeping chores can help keep pathways clear and uncluttered. They can make sure your loved one remains clean and gets the proper nutrition.

2.Quality of life: The ability of a senior to stay in their home increases the likelihood that they will remain more active and independent. In-home care is services provided so your loved one can stay home by providing assistance with everyday needs that help keep them clean and safe. Remaining in their own home can motivate seniors to be as active as possible. Seniors who are able to stay in their own home generally have more family involvement.

3.Prevention of caregiver burnout: A common problem when seniors stay in their own home is the danger of caregiver burnout. If the level of care seniors need to stay in their homes is high, family members providing care 24/7 can become overwhelmed and exhausted. In-home care can allow a person to stay with someone while you get out of the house and take a break from the everyday stress, providing you with peace of mind while you are gone. Your loved probably needs a break from you as well.

4.In-home services provided: Services provided are diverse and dependent upon the state, location, and individual needs. In-home care normally does not include nursing or medical services. Medicaid and Medicare can provide medical oversight if your loved one has a need and meets the criteria. Trained personnel can assist with personal care such as bathing and grooming. Employees can assist with housekeeping chores, laundry, and meals. They can run errands and provide transportation. Some employees serve as companions and provide company for isolated seniors. They often do hobbies and other things together.

5.Personalized care: Personalized in-home care assures that your senior will receive only the services they need. The type of care seniors need is varied and diverse. Some may need a few hours of housekeeping a week, and others may need around-the-clock care. Some home care services do not provide medical care but custodial care. Medicare and Medicaid often provide medical services to seniors while in-home care remains intact. The wide variety of services from different programs makes it possible to keep your loved at home for a long time to come.


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