Three Things Every Senior Should Know About Finding In-Home Healthcare

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Finding a good in-home health care provider can be one of the most important decisions a senior citizen can make. Wherever possible, all family members should be involved in the process. This is the best way to ensure that fear, uncertainty, or other emotions do not color your decision. Not all in-home health care providers are made alike. Here, we’ll discuss several factors to consider in selecting a home-health service that’s right for you.

Since state law varies for home-health and hospice providers, it’s important to consider what local providers can do for you based on where you live.

1. Know the difference between home-health and hospice. Hospice care is palliative care for the terminally ill and those at the end of their lives. This kind of care, like in-home health care, involves home visits, but the purpose is not curative. Hospice care is designed to make the terminal patient more comfortable and ease some of the burdens on caregivers. In-home health care services allow seniors to receive the health care they need if they are unwilling or unable to leave their homes for doctor visits.

Remember that, while some businesses provide both hospice and in-home health care, and many of the services provided are the same, they aren’t synonymous.

2. In-home health care services are businesses, providing services on a free-market basis just like a medical center or hospital. They have every incentive to earn your business, even if your services are paid for by Medicare or some third party. Don’t take it for granted, then, that all in-home health care providers are made alike. Keep this in mind as you comparison-shop.

3. The World-Wide Web can be your best friend when it comes to consumer information. There are several resources for seniors looking for reliably good services and facilities. There are many consumer information sites and these can go a long way in taking some of the guess work out of choosing a provider.

Dealing with the natural changes that come along as life goes on can be difficult, and having to look for an in-home health care provider is no different. However, following a few smart tips and doing your research will help you feel confident you are making a good decision.


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