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Elderly services is a term that is as vague as it is self-explanatory. While it can include any form of services and assistance for the elderly population, many specific companies, non-profits, and governmental agencies market their services as elderly services, even if they only operate as an adult day care center, financial services, or public assistance programs, respectively. Maybe you’re looking for a specific service, or maybe you’re looking for a more comprehensive overhaul of a loved one’s living arrangement and an improved quality of life overall. The following are services readily available for the elderly:

  • Elderly In-Home Care: This is an increasingly popular option for elderly populations who need only part-time help or who have the financial resources to hire round-the-clock caregivers. What type of in-home care you need will likely determine how difficult and expensive it is to find and hire a staff. It’s generally not too tough to find an attendant to help with a basic daily routine, but licensed medical care is in high-demand and very expensive over the long-run.
  • Home Repair, Maintenance, and Maid Services: Once proud DIYers may find it difficult to farm out basic home repairs and maintenance that they used to tackle themselves. Indeed, even if your mobility is not yet appreciably restricted, it’s never too early to start thinking about taking it easy. Repetitive motions such as house painting and yard work, among other home projects, can wreak havoc on your back and joints. Don’t hesitate to hire a handyman if there’s any question in your mind. And if you’re worried about becoming inactive, go for a walk or do some light and rejuvenating calisthenics, while a younger generation handles the more grueling tasks.
  • Senior/Disability Remodeling and Planning: While we’re on the topic of home improvement, maybe you need is a disability remodeling and planning. There is a considerable list of potential projects, big and small, which can create greater access and utility in your home, such as rocker light switches, entry ramps, bathroom remodeling, chair lifts, residential elevators, and home automation systems. Often, it’s wise to devise a comprehensive aging-in-place remodeling plan that can be gradually and cost-effectively implemented over time.
  • Personal Emergency Response Systems: These systems are better for some seniors than others. If you’ve retained your cognitive abilities but are at serious risk of a heart attack or stroke, even a loss of balance that can leave you stranded in the middle of the floor, these systems are a good idea. Seniors with dementia may know to activate these systems when they need them most. You’ve probably seen advertisements on TV, but our online referral system will give you a more objective evaluation of different companies and systems, rather than marketing gimmicks and promotions that may be misleading.
  • Adult Day Care CenterThese centers provide much needed respites for primary caregivers, or enable these caregivers to hold down a day job to provide financial assistance. But the best adult day care centers also provide a positive environment for seniors to socialize and maintain a higher quality of life. That said, there is a wide range for both costs and quality for these centers, so you need to pay all due diligence when choosing a center for your loved one.

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