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There are many elderly individuals who want to stay in their home. They do not want to leave their home that they have worked throughout their life for and move in with family or go to a care center. For some seniors this may not be a viable choice but for those people who can continue to live on their own, there is a solution that can cut down on the stress and concern that family members may feel about this decision. Home monitoring allows the elderly people to live in their home and still have help nearby if they need it. This alleviates the fear that the elder person will be hurt or ill and not be able to access help. However, there are certain things that should be considered while choosing a monitoring system for the elderly. Here are some of them-

• What type of hardware is involved? The type of hardware that is used will depend on the extensiveness of the system. If you are only installing an alarm then there may be only an alert button that is attached to the phone. This allows a microphone to be activated when the alert button is pushed. There are also models that have a remote necklace or bracelet that can be worn by the senior. When the panic button is pushed this does the same thing. Finally, if you are going to install a high-tech home monitoring system then video cameras and motion detectors will be implanted in the home.

• What type of battery power will it need? A high-tech home monitoring system (video cameras, motion sensors etc), is usually wired into the home. This eliminates the need for battery power. However, other types of home monitoring systems will function on a battery charge. Most of the time this battery charge is only for a specified number of hours. Because there is a battery charge, the senior person can still access help even when the power is out or there is another type of emergency. However, before choosing a system you should check the battery life on the base unit and any other remote units. While a unit that holds a longer battery charge will cost more, it will give you the peace of mind that the elder person will be monitored for a longer period of time.

• What will the home monitoring system cost? Home monitoring systems are available in various ranges. Most of these systems will come with a monthly fee in addition to the charge for any hardware. Keep in mind that some systems will cost as little as $1 a day while others will be significantly more expensive. It is important to understand as well that the more services the home monitoring system provides the more it will cost. You will need to look closely at every service to make sure that you really need everything that is being offered.

• What is the range of the home monitoring service? The bottom line is that the home monitoring system is meant to help watch over the senior while he or she is at home. This means that the home monitoring system will have a limited range. Keep in mind that the larger the senior’s home is, the larger the range the home monitoring system will need to have. You will want to check and make sure what the range is for any system that you are considering installing in your elderly loved one’s home. However just like the services that are offered, the bigger the range that it offers the more expensive that you should expect it to be.



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