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More and more people are finding that they are moving into the role of caregiver for their elderly parents or other loved ones. This can be a difficult transition to make. The challenge of care giving becomes even larger when the elderly loved one needs bedside care. This type of care giving can be very intensive and difficult to do, day in and day out. Caregivers will need to take several different factors into account when they commit to this type of care. Here are some tips for caregivers who are providing bedside care.

• Ask for help when you need it-Caregivers need to understand that giving any type of care can be draining and overwhelming. This is especially true if you are giving bedside care to someone who can do little for themselves. Caregiver burnout is high and caregivers should be aware of when they need to ask for help. If there are no family members or friends who can help out, you should check with your community resources to see what type of respite care will be available for your situation.

• Understand that there will be difficult days-The bottom line is that while care giving can be highly rewarding, it can also be extremely difficult. If you have become the caregiver for an elderly parent who was once vital and healthy, you may be feeling a range of emotions from grief to guilt. Understand that not every day will be great and give yourself a break. Your service to your loved one will be appreciated. Know that you are providing the best care that you can and move on to better days.

• Take periodic breaks-Because of the high rate of burnout, it is important to take periodic breaks. Set up a schedule so that you know that you can at least take a break during the day. If you can, set up regular times off where you can recharge your care giving batteries and return to care for your loved one with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Do not feel guilty about the need for taking breaks but rather look at them as a way to give better care to your elderly loved one.

• Exercise and eat well-Studies show that caregivers who do regular exercise and eat well are able to provide much higher quality of care and have better health themselves. Health professionals stress that you should not overlook your own health needs in favor of giving care to your loved one. The bottom line is that if you don’t take care of your health, you will not be able to fulfill your care giving duties at all.

• Get plenty of sleep-Finally it is crucial that if you are the caregiver for an elderly bedbound patient then you should get enough sleep. Many times bedbound patients need care in the night. This can be an exhausting experience for the caregiver. If you find that your sleep is being constantly interrupted by bedside care duties then make arrangement that allow you to have some nights off and someone else stepping in to give the care that is needed. This will allow you to remain healthy and able to provide the bedside care for that elderly loved one in your life.


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