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Frequency of transportation needs, proximity to public transportation or family members with vehicles, and income all play into local transportation options for seniors aging at home.

Family and friends. Enlisting the help of family and friends to drive seniors is one way to handle some of their transportation needs. Plan a scheduled daily or weekly time when you can take the senior family member where they need to go. Try to be consistent, to help give them a feeling of stability and importance.

Senior drivers. Senior drivers who are still comfortable behind the wheel can drive themselves around. While it’s important to keep an eye on what’s happening with the senior driver, according to the AARP, it’s just as important to allow the capable senior the independence of driving. For capable elderly drivers who want to drive, consider enrolling them in a driver safety course for seniors. When you have reason to believe the continued driving by the senior will result in injury, be firm and caring, while suggesting it may be time to retake the driver’s license road test or give up the license.

Independent seniors. Independent seniors who are mobile but no longer driving have the option of using public transportation, where available. Public buses and trains are viable options for the active senior. Discounts are typically available for seniors, which will help keep the cost down.

Taxi discounts. Some cities offer taxi discount coupon books through the city’s elderly or senior citizens affairs office. The coupons may cut the cost of a taxi ride in half. Check your local city or town hall office for such a department and ask if they have a taxi discount, or any other transportation discount programs for seniors.

Elder affairs and local senior centers. Communities with senior centers may also offer elder van services to and from shopping centers, drug stores, doctor’s appointments, the hair salon, the bank and grocery stores. These senior center transportation services are typically available on weekdays. The age eligibility limit may be as low as 60, and there may be a nominal fee. For a slightly higher fee, some senior center transportation services will bring seniors to neighboring towns. Contact the local senior center in your town or region for hours of available transportation services and the reservation number.

Accessible transportation. Existing cars can be adapted to accommodate drivers with disabilities. These adaptive products may be used by seniors who are still comfortable and able to drive vehicles. Transportation for seniors may also be more accessible when the family upgrades to a van. For in-van or exterior mount wheelchair lifts, families may want to consider contacting the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation for assistance in covering the cost, or a portion of the cost.


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