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Whether it’s a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, low vision, or simply old age, eventually everyone reaches a time in their leaves where they need to rely on someone to help take care of them. Depending on their specific situation, that could mean moving into a retirement community or moving in with a loved one. Either destination can be a big change for the retiree, but when they move in with you, it can be a stressful change of lifestyle for both parties.

Let’s be honest: when we care deeply for our elderly loved ones, we want to make sure they are taken care of. If that means them moving in with us, then so be it. For many, the idea of sticking them in a retirement community to live out the rest of their days means watching daytime television, consuming Jell-O by the gallon, and trying to tell an orderly who doesn’t speak English that they need to use the restroom. These are all misconceptions – planned living communities really are not so bad!

However, many people still do not consider that to be an option. But in the back of everyone’s mind, they also think of how an elderly relative moving in disrupts your life. For the seniors, they do not wish to be a burden on their loved ones. They do not want to feel as though someone is obligated to take care of them and they like the ability to do everyday living tasks without any assistance. For you, the caregiver, the idea of having someone else to take care of can leave you apprehensive due to your lack of knowledge or experience. You may be concerned about the appearance of you home and how it may change when an elderly or disabled person moves in, but at the same time feel lost or bad about exploring other alternatives.

Fortunately, manufacturers of independent living products have developed items that are beneficial to both parties. Products that allow seniors to handle everyday living without the need for assistance are also being designed to look less clinical and not require a permanent installation. With the right independent living products, seniors maintain an independent and safe lifestyle while you feel less burdened and your house retains its normal appearance.

Bathroom SafetyPreventing Falls Makes Everyone Happier

To get on and off the toilet, doctors recommend an elevated toilet seat with armrests. While there are models that can be clamped in place and do not require any hardware, they are typically not very sturdy, especially if the person using it is overweight. Combining the seat and arms with a hydraulic lifting system for extra assistance, an ergonomic airlift bedside commode is easy to install and can be used as both a raised toilet seat and a stand alone commode.

To get in and out of the shower or bathtub, grab bars are essential for safety. Thanks to portable suction grab bars and an ergonomic grab bar with an armrest, you can provide your loved ones with a medically safe, sturdy, and completely portable way to steady themselves when getting in and out of the tub. The suction grab bars secure themselves to completely smooth surfaces using twin suction cups with over 160 pounds of force. Portable suction grab bars are available in four sizes and typically range in price from $65 to $140.

Mobility ProductsGet Up, Get Down, Move Around

If your home has a step or threshold at the entryway, it can make getting in and out the door difficult for your new house guest. Since getting rid of the threshold is out of the question, and escalators are expensive to install, a threshold ramp is the easiest, safest, and most cost effective solution. The EZ Access Rubber Threshold Ramp is an affordable ramp that is not clinical-looking, does not make noise like metal, and does not require a handyman with a drill to install. Simply cut the threshold ramp to the desired length and width and lay it up against the threshold. It does not require any sort of permanent installation and can be moved out of the way when desired.

Hip surgery, knee surgery, and arthritis can make getting in and out of a recliner or living room chair difficult. Rather than have to help your loved one up or risk them straining to the point of an arm or shoulder injury, a lift chair is a great way to enable them to sit down or stand up with ease.

Independent Living Products Provide Peace of Mind

When an elderly person has to move in with you, regardless of whether you are their child or grandchild, the sudden change can be difficult for both parties involved. Whether it’s a matter of your loved one giving up their independent lifestyle or you experiencing a big change in your home, the situation can be stressful.

However, with the right independent living products, you can keep your house relatively unchanged while your loved one maintains an active, safe, and independent lifestyle.


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