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According to the National Safety Council, a fatal injury occurs in the home every 14 minutes and a disabling injury every 4 seconds. The five leading causes of fatal injury are falls, poisoning, choking, drowning, and fires (including flames and smoke).

Take an objective look around the home of the person in your care. Adapting a home for a person who is partially or fully disabled requires planning and can be costly, but some simple, common sense safety measures are often overlooked and are easy to implement.

Check the Furniture

Weed out all unnecessary pieces and arrange the remaining furniture with ample space for walkers or wheelchairs.  For wheelchairs, furniture should be at least 5 ½ feet apart.  Adjust furniture so it won’t move if someone leans on it and cushion any sharp corners on furniture, cabinets or vanities.  Try to find chairs with longer, secure armrests and seats at least 20 inches high, since these two things make it is easier to get up from sitting.

Once you’ve placed furnishings, don’t rearrange them after the person in your care has become accustomed to them.

Install Railings and Grab Bars

Railings and grab bars should be sturdy and located anywhere your loved one needs extra support—on any steps or stairs, near the bathroom toilet, in the shower, near the tub, near ramps or outdoors by pools, decks and any other areas where walking might be difficult.

Keep Surfaces Slip-Free

Floors and stairways should be as slip-and-trip resistant as possible. Put non-skid tape on edges of stairs or steps, install thinner rather than thicker carpeting, place non-skid mats on hard floors and in tubs and showers, and consider renovating thresholds in doorways so they are low and smooth.

Install and Double-Check Proper Safety Equipment

Proper safety equipment, such as smoke alarms, should be installed and checked regularly. Proper safety equipment includes items such as a smoke detector on every floor, a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and at least one other place in the house, movement monitors, intercoms, automatic night lights in bathrooms, floor plans marking escape routes, outdoor lighting on stairs and walkways, a carbon monoxide detector, and GFI (ground fault interrupted) electrical outlets in baths and kitchens.

Consider a personal emergency response system that is worn around the neck or placed by a bedside that signals friends, loved ones or an emergency service. At the very least, be sure the telephone is easy to access and even easier to use—with large numbers or speed dial features. Place a phone in the bathroom. Cell phones can come in very handy-be sure they are fully charged at all times.

Minimize Bending and Reaching

Storage features and cabinet arrangements should minimize bending and reaching.  Handles and levers on doors and cabinets are easier for elderly to use than knobs, and you may consider lowering handles for use by someone in a wheelchair.  Pull-out shelves and surfaces, adjustable-height chairs with locking casters, and large comfortable chairs may all add convenience, safety and comfort for you and those in your care.

While accidents may happen, doing everything you can to help prevent them may minimize the chances. Don’t wait. Get a friend or professional to walk inside and outside your home with you to do a home safety check today.


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