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Despite what you may have heard before in the past, memory loss is not proven as an inevitable part of aging – in fact, it is possible to enjoy a good long and short term memory at any stage of life regardless of age. It is simply just a matter of keeping your mind active and engaged as well as healthy by meeting your bodies nutrition requirements. If, however, you do happen to find that things are slipping your mind more often than they used to, here are some factors you should consider.

How busy are you? If you are working yourself ragged, there may be little mental energy left over for you to deal with other important mental tasks. The result can be memory loss – or, at least, you may feel as though you are experiencing memory loss. In reality, you may just be overextending yourself and need a rest.

You might not be able to pay attention to every detail if you simply have too many details to think about. Everybody’s mind needs – and deserves to get – a break every now and again! To deal with this type of stress related memory loss, try giving yourself a break every few hours. The human mind is very self protective, and possibly you are just ‘spacing out’ because you have more than enough to do already and need to give yourself some deserved time off!

If you are totally convinced that your memory loss is due to something other than just simple overwork, however, there are other measures you can consider. For example, it is very helpful to have and maintain a regular routine, and a regular place to put things around the house. If you always put your keys in exactly the same place when you come home, there is little chance that you will lose them or forget where they are the next time you need them.

If you get into the habit to always follow the same routine, it gets imprinted on your mind as time goes on. You are less likely to experience memory loss if you are well organized and have a regular routine to follow. In fact, this is also true for everyone, completely regardless of their age! We all can benefit from having an orderly, relatively clutter free existence.

Reinforce your organization by writing and keeping notes and lists. Because writing involves a large muscle group and many areas of the brain, it helps ideas to become fixed in your mind, minimizing memory loss. The more attention we give something, the less likely we are to forget it. And then, of course, the notes or lists themselves are invaluable – they provide written records of your day, as well as being directives.

Writing things down is one of the classic ways to avoid memory loss, and it still works just as well as it ever did and always will. Memory loss is not inevitable, regardless of what you may have previously heard. Many people enjoy excellent memory well into their seventies, eighties or even nineties.


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