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Develop a Respite Plan

Taking care of an older or ill family member can be enormously rewarding — but it can be physically and emotionally draining as well. That’s why it’s important for caregivers to seek occasional respite from their responsibilities. Whether it’s for a few hours a week to run errands or a few weeks a year to take a much-needed vacation, respite care offers you the chance reduce stress, restore energy and keep your life in balance.

Cast a Wide Net
Think broadly about potential helpers. Aside from family members, you should look to friends from the neighborhood, faith groups or social clubs who may be able to offer help and companionship. Having a long list of potential helpers will ensure you have a backup in case plans fall through.

Start a Respite Co-op
Consider forming a network with other families who are in caregiving situations. Such co-ops exist in some communities, but you might form one yourself with people you and your parents know or with others you meet in support groups for caregivers.

Arrange In-home Services
In-home services can be provided by volunteers or paid help, either occasionally or on a regular basis. Services may last from a few hours to overnight, and may be arranged directly with an individual or through an agency or organization.

You can find volunteers through faith-based organizations, as well as through community agencies and support groups. The type of service offered varies, but often includes a registry of individual care providers, and a list of local home care agencies or agency staff who work directly with older adults or persons with disabilities.

Investigate Community Programs
Adult day care services provide a community-based program for adults who need ongoing supervision. These programs typically offer health monitoring, meals, snacks, recreation and exercise, and sometimes offer transportation, therapy, medical care and personal care to help with hygiene. They are generally staffed by trained professionals. Your parent could attend on a daily basis, dependent on your needs and the availability of the program.

Check Out Residential Facilities
Nursing homes and assisted living facilities often have short-stay options for families looking for safe, temporary care for their loved one. Nursing homes generally provide a higher level of personal care and nursing services than do assisted living residences. Facilities vary on the terms for this service, including price and minimum or maximum number of days available. Most require a detailed health status report filled out by you and your parent’s doctor.

Finding Respite

The National Respite Locator Service  helps parents, caregivers and professionals find respite services in their state and area to match their specific needs. By selecting your particular need from a list, providing the age of your parent and the state and community where he or she lives, the locator will provide the names of agencies and programs nearby.

Source:  www.aarp.org

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