Tips for Improving Memory for Seniors

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Age-related memory loss is common and is not to be confused with cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, which are more severe. Though slight cognitive decline is expected as a person gets older, there are ways to be proactive and prevent or delay memory loss from happening. Read the tips below to learn about ways to improve an elderly loved-one’s memory loss:

  • Stay mentally active. Sadly, it is common for seniors to stop learning as they get older. Ways of challenging them to stay mentally active are to have them do puzzles, crosswords, learn a new skill or hobby, read more, brush their teeth or hair with the opposite hand or find a new way to a familiar place. Find ways to challenge the elderly loved-one in a new way. As minds can become complacent, it is good to challenge them on a regular basis.
  • Stay physically active. Often, seniors become sedentary as they age. Taking care of their bodies in a physical way will help keep their mind sharp as well.
  • Socialize on a regular basis. It is not uncommon for seniors to become depressed. Social interaction tends to decline as a person ages and loneliness sets in. Depression and stress are two big contributors to memory loss. Find ways to keep the elderly loved-one active in a social way by having them join clubs or have regular meetings with friends.
  • Organize the home. Clutter can cause distractions and items can become easily misplaced around the house. Create to-do lists, calendars, have a dedicated spot for keys and items that are often lost and ensure that things are put back after use. Reducing clutter helps the elderly loved-one remain clear-headed and reduces forgetfulness.
  • Get enough sleep. Lacking sleep can greatly contribute to memory loss. Make sure that with home care the elderly loved-one is getting enough sleep each night.
  • Eat right. Eating a balanced, healthy


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