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Pets May be Beneficial to Your Health
Ever wonder about the different ways your furry friends can benefit your health? Here are some ways pets keep us young at heart.

1. Daily exercise. Taking your dog for a daily walk means you get a daily walk, too. Walking not only helps to burn extra calories, it also keeps your joints limber, which helps seniors who suffer from arthritis.

2. Establish a schedule. Feed the cat. Walk the dog. Clean the litter box. Pets require daily care and seniors who own pets develop a day-to-day routine to care for them. Having a to-do list for your pet gives you tasks to do every day and keeps you busy.

3. Banish loneliness. You might be single, but you’re never alone if you’re a pet owner. Just ask the cat lover who has to shoo Fluffy off the morning newspaper to read it. Pets are constant companions.

4. Become a better neighbor. Remember those daily walks? When you’re out and about with your pet, you get to know your neighbors and your neighborhood better, both of which lead to a greater attachment to your community.

5. Make new friends. When you love your pet, you usually love talking about their quirks, too, especially with other pet owners. Many a friendship has blossomed over casual chats about life with pets.

6. Laughter. Ever watch your cat chase the shiny pattern of a flashlight on the wall? Or marvel at how your dog jumps up for a tennis ball only to flop on his belly? Pets are like furry comedians; they keep us laughing and bring joy to our lives.

7. Lower blood pressure. Therapy animals are used in hospital and nursing home settings to help lower blood pressure and stress. Owning a cat or a dog is like having your own personal therapy animal by your side 24/7.

8. Offer relief to Alzheimer’s patients. A 1999 University of Nebraska study found that Alzheimer’s patients suffering from Sundown Syndrome, a behavioral syndrome associated with Alzheimer’s that is marked by increased aggressiveness, were aided by the presence of a therapy dog and experienced reduced agitation and restlessness during the early evening hours.

9. Fight depression. A University of Kentucky study presented in 1987 found that pet owners had greater levels of overall happiness than non-pet owners.

10. Helps you manage grief. The same University of Kentucky study found that pet owners dealing with the recent death of a loved one fared better during the grieving process than non-pet owners.


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