Should Your Elderly Parent Move into Independent Living?

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As people age, they often look into relocating. When an elderly person still has the physical and mental capacity to live independently, but wants companionship with others who are their age, independent living could be a good option. Independent living communities promote seniors’ active lifestyles while offering a secure environment and providing specific services and amenities related to elderly people’s needs.

Before spending time finding the right independent living community for your senior parent, first determine if your parent is a good candidate for independent living. Ask these questions:

  • Are they in good health?
  • Can they manage medications and doctor appointments on their own?
  • Would they enjoy living in a community with their peers?
  • Do they want “hassle-free” living?
  • Would they prefer the extra security provided by these communities?
  • Can they afford the costs for this kind of living? If not, are they willing to live in low-income senior housing?

If your elderly parent is not in good health, or cannot care for themselves without assistance, they are not a candidate for independent living. Assisted living or a nursing home, which provide access to healthcare and emergency medical services, would be a more suitable living option.

Seniors have options when looking for independent living communities. There are three major types and although they are somewhat similar, there are key differences in each option.

Retirement Communities

These housing communities usually offer the least in services and amenities and as a result, this is the most “independent option” in independent living. These communities are called retirement communities because they are just that; homes for independent and active retirees who want to live among peers.


Senior Apartments

Senior apartments, or senior housing, offer the same services as retirement communities; however, senior apartments offer a bit more. They are usually a part of a facility that provides varying levels of care, ranging from independent living to assisted living, and sometimes dementia units and skilled nursing. Services such as cleaning and transportation are usually offered and residents even have the option of eating in the community dining room, rather than cooking for themselves. Also, additional safety and security is inherent in senior housing facilities, simply because staff is generally available around the clock.

Low-income Housing

This kind of senior living is similar to retirement communities and senior apartment facilities; however, rent is always below market rate. This is possible because the rent is subsidized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and other charities. An elderly person must meet income qualifications in order to live in this type of housing. The individual cannot have income and assets that exceed caps and requirements set by the state (each state has specific regulations for this).


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