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In Home Care

Being an in home care specialist for seniors is a unique job that requires a certain kind of individual. Senior caregivers deal with a variety of issues and challenges while providing high quality care to individuals who may or may not actively appreciate it. Caregivers provide safety, health, and a degree of companionship to those who are no longer physically capable of adequately caring for themselves. By providing in home care, caregivers enable the elderly to continue to live in the comfort of their own homes while still receiving proper care.

At the same time, providing in home care can be one of the most fulfilling and satisfying jobs of all. Those with a heart to help and care for those unable to do so for themselves will not only thrive in the position of caregiver but will also make all the difference to the one they care for.

When an individual reaches an age at which they can no longer fully care for themselves, they require the assistance of a patient caregiver. At this point in a senior’s life it is critical that the individual maintain their self-respect and self-worth. When it comes time to give into the need for a caregiver, many elderly people slip into depression as feelings of inadequacy and insignificance overwhelm them.

Because of this, it is highly important that a capable caregiver serve the emotional needs of a senior as well. A senior’s health and wellbeing depends largely on a caregiver’s ability to provide good care without belittling or embarrassing the individual. At this point in a senior’s life, he no longer has his children nearby and perhaps many of his friends have passed on. He may feel abandoned, lonely, and worthless, and the fact that he must now be taken care of by a stranger only adds to this burden.

Excellent senior caregivers perceive these circumstances and seek to show a deep respect for the senior. This builds trust within the relationship between senior and caregiver. Without this bond and level of respect, in home care will never reach the level of quality that it should.

Providing in home care for the elderly is no light task. Senior caregivers must be capable of a great deal of patience and compassion. They must be willing and able to perform chores and tasks from personal care and medication reminders to grocery shopping and conversation.

Senior caregivers provide a very special gift to the elderly. Their careful attention and commitment to quality service enables elderly individuals to continue to reside in their homes for as long as possible. This gives them a degree of freedom, which is crucial to their sense of independence and, ultimately, their overall wellbeing and happiness.

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