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When a sudden medical event or general decline in health causes your loved one to need an increased assistance with daily living it may be necessary to consider home care. While family members can often pitch in to help out elderly relatives, over time it can become tiring and difficult.One of the first signs that a caregiver may be needed is routine chores around the house are not getting done. As health problems worsen, things like laundry, dusting, mopping the floor and putting clutter away can start to get neglected. An extra hand around the house can help your loved one stay in their home while alleviating the burden of keeping up the entire house themselves.

Food preparation can be hard for someone with arthritis, vision problems or someone who just tires easily. Instead of your loved one turning to frozen meals, delivered food or unhealthy snacks, a home caregiver can help make sure food in the house doesn’t spoil and can help cook the basic meals of the day. They can also run errands to the grocery store or elsewhere to pick up things that are needed.

Managing medication can be hard for someone who is starting to become more forgetful. It’s important to have prescriptions filled regularly and to keep them organized so they don’t become lost and they don’t get taken at the wrong times. It’s also important to have someone keeping an eye out for side effects that could take place.

Depression can easily become a problem for someone who isn’t able to leave the house often or doesn’t have frequent visitors. Home caregivers can provide a companion in addition to helping out around the house.

Personal care such as bathing can be hard when it’s a challenge to get in and out of the bathtub. Bathing and getting dressed is often an issue but it doesn’t mean the person has to move into a nursing home for a little assistance.

A home caregiver can be the right solution for your loved one if they need an extra hand around their own home. Full time as well as part time care is available and is often covered, at least partially, by health insurance. Home care is a great opportunity for your loved one to remain independent and comfortable outside of a full time care facility.

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