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Exercise The Aging Brain Through Reading

Reading is an activity that was once much more common than it is today even though literacy rates are up. The lack of reading for in todays world might be due to the plethora of other options available to us in the comfort of our own home, such as television and the internet. Reading does more than provide knowledge, entertain curiosity and transport the reader to other worlds and environments. Reading keeps the brain stimulated.Keeping the brain stimulated and challenged keeps the brain youthful and effective. Think of the brain as any muscle in the body. If an arm muscle is weak, exercising will develop the muscle and make it strong, therefore more useful and efficient. The brain is exactly the same way. Reading is an exercise that works the brain muscle. While reading may be and old trick, it is still one that proves effective at keeping our brains healthy even to today. Even the ancient Greeks knew that reading, notably literature, was the gateway to a healthy mind and soul. Since the early 20th century, the United States has used forms of Bibliotherapy in the medical field and even in the military to keep minds sharp and challenged.

Bibliotherapy is the practice of using reading material of varying genres to help people cope with issues ranging from depression, anger, loneliness, and anxiety. Reading has been connected to progress in elderly men and women who were showing early signs of conditions such as Alzheimers and generalized memory loss. A book is also a safe, nurturing environment to deal with and express any difficult feelings or emotions. In books the reader can find like-minded individuals who may share similar circumstances as well as characters who differ greatly and can give insight into critical thinking exercises and situations.

The brain is not only exercised during the actual process of reading. The reader will often spend time throughout the rest of the day thinking about any lessons learned, points considered or stories delighted in long after the book has been closed. Reading builds vocabulary skills and raises interest levels in different subjects. Reading takes the reader out of the armchair and safely into a new, stimulating environment. Reading any subject is good for exercising that brain muscle, though reading a variety of subjects and genres is a great way to flex it into even better shape.


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