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There are several items you can get and procedures you can follow to better safeguard against your elderly loved one falling victim to an in-home emergency. Here are just a few.

Cordless phone. A cordless phone with a clip can easily be hooked to a belt loop. Some elderly people keep such phones in a basket on their walker or beside them in their wheelchair. This can prove to be very helpful if they experience an emergency and they are unable to get to a traditional phone.

Check in. When elderly people live alone, it is very important to check in with them each day to be sure all is well. This is also a good opportunity to remind them to take their medications. Set up a designated time that you are going to call them each day. This is a great way to keep track of one another, and it fosters good communication.

Medical alert devices. There is absolutely no way for caregivers to be there all the time to care for their loved ones. Most families have to work, or have other responsibilities. Even if you move your loved one in with you, it still will not be enough. One resource, Lifeline, can be very helpful with providing peace of mind. Lifeline is an electronic device that the elderly person can wear around their neck, or on their wrist like a watch. If something occurs and they cannot get to the phone, they can simply push the button to call for help. The emergency personnel who receive the signal can communicate with the individual using a small device mounted in the home.

Meals. Preparation of meals can be difficult for some elderly people. Providing some type of daily meal to the elderly can prevent serious illness. In fact, malnutrition and unintended weight loss strongly contribute to health decline, cognitive impairment and decreased ability to care for oneself.   Making sure the freezer is stocked with prepared meals is very important. This helps keep the elderly person eating regularly, and also reduces the possibility that they will leave the stove on, potentially causing a fire in the home.

CPR. If you have moved your family member in with you or they live nearby, taking a CPR course is a great way to prepare for a possible emergency. If something happens to your loved one and you find them incapacitated, it is important to know what to do. The American Heart Association is a great resource for getting additional information or finding a CPR class you can attend.

Prevention of home care emergencies should be a family goal. Working together for a common goal can bring a family closer together, and foster even better relationships.

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