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Best Gift Ideas for the Elderly

It can sometimes be hard to think of gifts to buy for the elderly, especially if you are much younger than them. It’s likely that you’re out of touch with what they may really like to receive as a present, and end up buying them the same old gift every time a special occasion arises. Although many elderly people enjoy getting gifts like scented soap and hand cream, they can accumulate too much as everyone has the same ideas when it comes to gift giving. This is why it’s nice to think of a unique gift which fits in with their lifestyle instead, and that they might find useful and helpful.

Tap gripper

When you’re young you probably take it for granted that all you need to do to get water out of a tap is to simply, and easily turn it. Many older people though, find that their hands become crippled with arthritis, and trying to turn a tap is painful and takes time and effort. Kitchen gadget shops and some catalogues sell tap grips made of rubber. When attached to taps it’s then possible for an elderly person to easily get a firm grip, and turning the tap on takes less effort and is a more comfortable procedure. Such a gift may not seem very beautiful and attractive, but it could be a Godsend to someone who needs it.


Lots of elderly people find that modern radio knobs are hard to see. They can’t tell the difference between one station and the next as their eyesight’s poor and all the radio settings are close together and small. Radios can be friends to the elderly who find them comforting and entertaining. They provide comfort and are used often, if the right kind is purchased. The gift of an easy to use radio with a minimal amount of settings and large knobs is likely to be received with thanks.

Foot pedal

Once people pass a certain age they reduce their activity levels. Soon infirmity and a lack of energy make it hard for them to get enough exercise. This affects their entire lifestyle, from the amount of sleep they get to how often they visit the bathroom and get rid of toxins from their system.

Foot pedals are somewhat like mini bicycles without the handle bars which an elderly person can use when seated in their favorite comfy chair. They simply place their feet on the pedals and can cycle at leisure, thus getting much needed exercise which helps keep them healthy.

Large dial telephone

Lots of elderly people struggle to be able to see the dials, or buttons on their standard telephone. This can put them off of making a call, as they worry they may hit the wrong button and make a mistake. Sometimes they just can’t work the telephone at all and give up.

It’s possible to purchase a telephone with large buttons which are easy for people with poor eyesight to read, and simple for hands which don’t maneuver so well any more to operate.

The gift ideas for the elderly mentioned aren’t complicated, but that’s their beauty. Most modern gadgets are geared towards young consumers. However there are a few items out there people can benefit from as they age that will make wonderful presents.


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