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How In-home Care Can Benefit You And Your Family

Quality of Life for Senior LivingHome health care providers offer excellent in-home care to the clients they serve. Throughout the years, home health care providers have helped individuals overcome problems concerning the care of an aging member within their families. There are many types of in-home health care options which will improve the quality of life within families who require moderate care for their aging loved one.Home Health Care Statistics

There are around seventy million health care individuals who provide home health care for elderly loved ones. Over one million individuals over the age of 100 will reside within Canada and the United States by the year 2050. The first year that reported indications of more deaths caused by chronic diseases than acute diseases was in 1995. Since this report, there has been an increase in the need for home health care providers who manage the symptoms of chronic diseases. Individuals with acute illnesses generally require nursing homes or medical care facilities.

Medical Facility Release of Seniors

Individuals must understand the options offered for seniors who have just been released from a medical facility or hospital. This includes seniors who are confined to their homes or are chronically frail and have been diagnosed with dementia. Today’s medical facilities often discharge patients prematurely from hospitals. A recent study concluded that following certain hospital procedures, such as a replacement of a joint, discharging the patient to their homes is more effective in their recovery than a discharge to a facility for rehabilitation.

Life Expectancy in Seniors

There has been an increase in the expectancy of life in seniors. There are fewer seniors diagnosed with acute medical problems in recent years. For many seniors, the ability to remain in their homes has provided both comfort and security in their later years.
Home Health Care Benefits

Older individuals should have the option to remain in their own homes. They also need to be comfortable and safe under these conditions while obtaining the care level to keep them safe and healthy. Home health care providers understand that older individuals want to remain independent, but may need assistance with certain day-to-day activities such as meal preparation and home maintenance.   Home health care workers offer assistance with the activities of daily living and offer companionship for their clients and provide peace of mind to their families.


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