Fewer Beds for Men Entering Nursing Homes

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Searching for a nursing home bed for a man is much more difficult than for a woman.

Nursing homes are heavily female, like the elderly population itself. A report by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in 2010 found that about two-thirds of residents were women.  And most rooms in nursing homes are “semiprivate,” one of the great euphemisms of modern health care. Medicaid, which pays for most nursing home care, will cover only a semiprivate room.

So since a man entering a facility can’t bunk with a woman, an available bed in a room assigned to a woman will require another woman. The man goes on a waiting list until there’s a bed in a room with another man.

You can’t really argue with the math, but the gender imbalance makes an already-fraught process more so. A man who’s moving from his own household or from assisted living may be able to wait a few weeks for a male bed to open. Someone who’s leaving a hospital or a rehab facility,   doesn’t have that option. Often, a discharge planner is pushing for his departure as his family frantically searches for a nearby facility that looks decent. Where’s he supposed to go?

Often families wonder if it makes sense to pay the much steeper price for a private room in a nursing home they prefer, hoping that a semiprivate room opens before their father’s meager savings run out. LeadingAge, which represents nonprofit nursing homes, cautions families against that kind of up-selling.  For men needing nursing care (and their families), placement decisions and the lack of male bed space can mean a lot of extra stress.

Source: www.nytimes.com

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