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When Should Mom or Dad Stop Driving?


Driving safety is an important obligation for all drivers but for many older people disease or advanced age will eventually negatively affect their driving abilities.

Aging is a process where so many things are lost. Part of what seniors try to hold onto is their independence – the independence to make decisions about their health, their future and their driving. To them, driving is more than a way to get from one place to another.  Losing the ability to drive can be a big blow to self-esteem to a senior and could trigger depression, anxiety and loneliness. In some cases, seniors may feel isolated and not want to keep up with their medical care.

Seniors are one of the fastest growing segments of America’s population. Making a decision to limit or restrict driving should not be taken lightly.

If worried about the ability of a loved one to drive safely, the ideal situation is to talk to them early about driving and safety concerns. While most seniors will limit their driving, if they don’t feel safe, some may not be aware of deficits in vision or memory and will not voluntarily limit their driving.

Signs that driving could be an issue include:

• Longer drive times for short distances
• Not obeying traffic signs
• Forgetting destinations or locations
• Hitting curbs
• Being angry or anxious when driving

Driving a vehicle requires full use of senses like hearing and sight, as well as good muscle coordination of hands and feet. Any impairment like tremors, a loss of hearing or memory impairment could prove to be dangerous for the individual and others on the road.

Start the discussion about giving up the keys early.  Sometimes, family members or caregivers get upset and decide to stop all driving privileges, which can be traumatic for the senior.

Tips for easing driving privileges for seniors include:
• Limit drives to short distances
• Drive only to familiar places
• Avoid driving at night
• Avoid driving during bad weather
• Build a chauffeur list with family, friends or church members


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