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When a senior citizen moves into a nursing home or any private care facility, it is very important that the family and care-givers help them to preserve their memories. Adding familiar things to their room at their new home can make the transition much easier and can help them to keep their past memories alive. Leaving the comfort of their home is not easy for them, but there are ways to make it easier for them to adjust.

Hang up Family Photos

Family members should make copies of their most cherishes family photos and frame them for the care-giver to hang on their walls. Seeing the familiar faces of their loved ones can bring them great comfort and help them to remember how much they are loved.

Take Their Own Bedding

Make it easier for them to adjust to their new bedroom by taking their own bedding. Many elderly people have certain blankets, pillows and/or comforters that they like to sleep with.

A Favorite Chair

Elderly people often have a favorite chair that they spend a lot of time in each day. Moving this chair into his/her room at the nursing home can be very soothing for them and bring contentment to them.

Visiting and Talking with Them

It is a best to visit them on a scheduled basis, therefore they know what day and time they will be receiving visitors. This gives them something to look forward to and tends to make them stay up with what day it is. Talk to them about past memories of family and friends, for this well help them to keep these memories alive.

Good memories and comfort go hand in hand. It is possible to make a loved one’s transition to a Senior Citizen’s home a bit easier by bringing along some of their most treasured memories and by surrounding them in their own familiar comfort.


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