The Importance of a Positive Attitude

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Do you wake up every morning appreciative of another day or do you roll out of bed with, “Oh, another day of the same old thing”? Our attitude sets the stage for how each day plays out. Attitude can affect our health, our marriage, our career and the very essence of our lives.

Most of us model our attitudes based on our parents’ – that can be both a negative and a positive. If you had parents who were very critical, you might make a real effort at not being like them and always look for someone or something to compliment. Yet, again, you might be overly critical yourself (and that usually means self-critical as well). If you find yourself in the latter group, your attitude might just be coloring your life with a very dark crayon and contaminating your ability to live life fully.

A person with a positive attitude is someone who always sees the possibility in every situation as a potential gift – yes, the forest fire can bring about new life and clear the forest of the overgrowth.

The positive attitude seems to breed an “attitude of gratitude”. We like to be around positive people; they make us feel good about ourselves and usually help us feel grounded and safe. They always say “thank you” and you find they smile a lot as well.

Thankfulness is one of the quickest and most powerful ways to create a change in our circumstances.  Being thankful raises us to a new level of consciousness, giving us the ability to see possibilities, discover what we truly want, receive ideas on what to do next, and realize a vision for the future.

What we think is a matter of choice. It is up to us to choose powerful thoughts that move us in a direction that serves our purpose.  Powerful thoughts bring us peace and inspire us. Thoughts of thankfulness, vision, purpose and possibility are powerful thoughts.

Practice thinking thoughts of thankfulness. Some suggestions for having a positive attitude:

  • List everything you are thankful for, especially things you are unhappy about. If we hold contempt for anything we wish to change, we block our ability to change it.
  • At the end of each day, think of everything you are thankful for from that day. Our spirits are lifted when we are appreciative of even the smallest things.
  • Throughout the day, take note of what you are thankful for and be thankful for each experience.
  • When you catch yourself thinking self-defeating thoughts, take a deep  breath, first exhaling deeply, and ask yourself “What can I be thankful for in this moment?”

Having a positive attitude can help us live a happy, and very importantly, healthy life!


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