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Preventing Medication Errors

It is not hard to imagine how medication errors can occur. Bottles can be mislabeled or can be filled with the wrong medication. Patients don’t always read the label for directions and may take the medication incorrectly. Language can also be an issue.

Here are some helpful hints to help prevent medication errors. First always carry a current list of medications with you. Check it with your doctor and with your pharmacist whenever a visit is made and if there is a change in medication. If you take more than 2 medications more than once a day, it is safer to use a medication box. They come in all shapes and sizes and you will certainly find a type that works for you.

If you are filling a medication box yourself, make sure you pick a quiet time with little distraction. This sounds like simple advice, but this is where many errors occur. Check and recheck the label on a bottle of medication several times before filling the medication box.  Check the instructions on whether or not a medication needs to be taken on an empty stomach or with food as well.

If you are caring for someone else who may misread their box, forget what day it is or just be curious and move things around, make sure you or someone close looks over the medication box regularly to make sure things look right.

There are also automatic medication dispensers that dispense at designated times of day. For some people these work well. It is important that we think about the system that is most appropriate and holds the least chance of error for ourselves or the persons we are caring for. Then we can all breathe a little easier!

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