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Seniors in Transition

Many seniors are in a transition situation. They are still able to do much for themselves, but they need a little extra help to remain at home and independent. And for those seniors, particularly individuals who have been independent all of their lives, accepting help can be an uncomfortable change.  Many seniors who are resistant to help, either from their family members or professional caregivers. Some view accepting help as the first step to becoming dependent on others.

Most seniors are accustomed to doing things for themselves and fear being unable to stay at home.  Don’t try to force your senior loved one into accepting help, either from you and other family members or anyone else. Instead, gently remind him/her that you’re looking out only for his/her best interests. Let your loved one know that the entire family wants him/her to remain at home too.

Point out that the best way for your loved one to stay at home is to accept help from you or others. Most seniors eventually will see the truth in your words. Discuss with your senior loved one whether a family caregiver or a professional caregiver can be hired who could provide a few hours of assistance a week.   A professional caregiver might be the best option for a senior who doesn’t want to impose on families for help.

Home care agencies hire caregivers that are screened, bonded and insured, and trained to help with a variety of non-medical tasks around a senior’s home such as meal preparation, light housekeeping, medication reminders, transportation, errands and shopping.

Home is where the heart is…keeping a loved one at home for as long as possible is usually the best choice for everyone.


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