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Aging and Your Home

The aging process is blamed for many problems seniors may encounter with daily activities. However quite often it is the home that creates the difficulties. Most residential housing is geared to young healthy adults. Builders do not take into account age-related conditions such as reduced mobility or limited range of reach. Hence, dwellings do not support the physical and sensory changes that older adults encounter as they age. What appear to be insignificant home features can have significant effect: for a person with even minor aging issues.

Many seniors avoid home modifications and helpful technology items designed for people with disabilities because these products have an industrial appearance. No one wants to have their home look like a hospital. Consumer demand and computer technology have pushed institutional products to be redesigned to be more acceptable in the home. Some of these include:

  • Chairs designed for easier in and out
  • Enhanced high and low frequency tones for doorbells and telephones
  • Grab bars and hand rails with decorator colors
  • Hospital type beds with wooden headboards and footboards
  • Items that are easier for arthritic hands to handle,
  • Larger print for declining eyesight
  • On/off buttons with color contrasts
  • Walkers in bright hues

The three leading causes of home injuries are: falls, burns and poisoning. Seniors are especially susceptible to these types of injuries. Most falls are caused by environmental factors such as a home not truly suited for a person with elderly issues. Burns are caused primarily from fires. Older adults are killed in home fires at twice the rate of society as a whole.  Poisoning is mostly caused by medicine non-compliance: older adults are six times more likely than other age groups to suffer adverse medical reactions.

One of the bigger challenges is to identify safety issues that may be unique to an individual based on their particular aging status and conditions. While research via books and the internet can help focus on such issues the use of a good checklist in assessing the home environment is helpful.


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