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Elderly Parents – 3 Things to Keep in Mind When They Move In


Lively and vibrant parents become elderly parents. That’s just the way things are. When your elderly parents are having difficulty to live by themselves and you decide that they will live with you there are few things to keep in mind to make it better for them.


Firstly, if possible, don’t go the hero’s route and try to do it alone. Don’t kid yourself; it is very emotionally and physically straining to take care of elderly parents. Keeping them occupied, the endless trips to doctors, and not to mention the difficult and crucial decisions that have to be made are very hard on a person. Therefore if you have siblings nearby who are willing to help, accept their help.  Keep all the siblings updated on what is happening and have them be a part of all major decisions. If not, they might have huge complaints against your decisions (no matter how hard you thought them through),


Secondly, Support their self-sufficiency and encourage them to help you. One of the worst things that there is for low self esteem is for someone to take care of your needs. Whatever your elderly parents are still able to do, DO NOT do it for them. You are not doing them a favor. Let them help you with your daily chores, like folding clothes, and doing the dishes. This will give them a feeling of worthiness and help with their self esteem.


Thirdly, know YOUR limits. If you feel that you are falling apart, either financially, emotionally, or physically it is time to reevaluate the situation. Look for elder care organizations in your community who will advise you of different options that are available to you. If you don’t take care of yourself you, your family, and your elderly parents will all suffer.


It is a very virtuous act to take your elderly parents into your house. Use the tips above for everyone’s benefit.


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